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HMD is planning to launch yet another Nokia feature phone, rumored to be the successor to Nokia 8110 4G


While there is an ongoing debate about the possible successor of smartphones, some companies, especially in developing countries, are taking a step back to make today’s smartphone accessible to more people. HMD wants to do the same and is currently looking for a successor device to Nokia 8110 which was famous by the name of the banana phone.

While we are a full range player and we play across price points, our main focus is on feature phones, where we have opportunities in terms of volume. The segment is growing rapidly for us. We plan to expand our feature phone offerings. Besides, we are also exploring the possibility of launching a 4G feature phone at affordable prices,” Ajey Mehta, vice president and country head – India, HMD Global, told DNA Money in an interview.

Even though we are talking about the feature phone, the Nokia 8110 is modern, 4G enabled, have access to popular apps like Facebook, Google Maps, Google Assistants, etc. Interestingly, HMD is not alone taking a step back, there are some notable names coming with similar ideas, you are well aware of the JIO Phone if you are an India resident.

Over the years, the smartphone market has become saturated and companies are hardly making any profit out of a mid-range or entry-level smartphones. There are only a few names. Things are even worse for feature phone market for biggies like Nokia. Nevertheless, an entry lever 4G feature phone with a competitive price is not all bad in countries like India.

When HMD re-launched their old Nokia 8110 in the month of February this year which left everyone scratching their head as there was hardly anything left in that market. HMD’s purpose with the device though was different than what most of the people thought. Nevertheless, now that the confirmation is coming from the horse’s mouth, some significant progress must have been made with the device.

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