First of all “Happy Independence Day” to all our Indian Blog Readers. Salute the Tricolor, the symbol of our Nation’s pride.

Vande Mataram!!

Now I searched for some good Independence day related Apps and Themes to go along on this very day at Nokia Store. To my pleasant surprise, I found many of them. So just listing down them so that you can give a touch of Tricolor to your Phones.

There are a handful by Arjun Arora,

Tri Colors Theme

Tri Colors 5th By Arjun Arora

Freedom By Arjun Arora

Freedom – S^1

Freedom – X2

Independence Day 2-Arjun Arora

Independence Day – Arjun Arora

There are themes from others as well,

Independence Day Live

Independance Day

Some Application ,

Jai Hind (15 August)