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Getting Z Launcher on rooted Android devices. Nokia may also allow it in future


Z launcherZ Launcher can’t be used on a rooted device yet as per Nokia’s instructions. They are however reevaluating it, being the top request in their feedback section and may accommodate rooted devices in future.

Looking at a few of the top requests, many users want support for rooted devices, which we will evaluate. Others want help pinning apps on the homepage and we’re working on ways we can make that easier. We’re also really excited to see many people enjoying Scribble and finding Z Launcher overall really simple to use.

In the meantime, here is step by step what you can do to run the Z Launcher on your rooted device. Though do it at you own risk, we are not responsible for any issues with your device later on.

1) Install Xposed Framework v2.4.1+ on your rooted device. Click here for download and Click here for instructions.

2) Install root cloak, click here for download

3) Once root cloak is installed, download Z Launcher apk from here and install

4) Enable RootClock in the Xposed Installer app by going to Modules, and pressing the check box next to RootClock. Reboot your phone.

5) Open RootClock settings (just open the app from the launcher), and then go to Add/Remove, to select which apps RootCloak hides root from. Select Z launcher to hide from root.

6) Exit root cloak settings and reboot your phone. Check the Z launcher by opening the app.

Via: TechRum

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