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Fixing issues faced by Nokia Mobile smartphone users after Android OS & security updates installation


In this article we are covering most commonly known Nokia Android smartphones upgrade, installation and usability (user) issues post-upgrade and how to fix them. This tutorial is based on the experience of installing and living with Android OS and security updates.

Android 11 not being offered issue:

Not all Nokia smartphones are eligible to get Android 11 upgrade. Here is the list of Nokia smartphones that can upgrade to Android 11. You can also track the status of Android 11 roll-out by clicking here.

Android 11 post-Installation issues & workarounds:

Common issues:

  • Nokia smartphone not performing well after installation of the update
  • Battery life reduces drastically
  • Facing many issues after installation of a new update

Generic Workaround: In all the cases,

  1. Try a Reboot:
    • It should fix apps related and some other issues too
  2. Try a soft reset:
    • Volume up + power key hold till it restarts (Around 15-20 seconds)
  3. Else take a back up and do a hard reset:
    • If soft reset doesn’t solve your issue, you should go for a hard reset. You should take a backup of your content before proceeding, click here for our backup and reset tutorial in case your phone is not working properly.

Issue-specific Workarounds:

Time needed: 5 minutes

How to fix common Nokia smartphones issues post-update:

  1. Lock-screen keeps getting unlocked repeatedly

    You can go to Settings > System >Gestures and toggle off “Double tap to check phone”. This should usually resolve this issue.

  2. Battery life is hugely impacted. It may happen because of Ambient mode feature that gets activated

    Please go to Settings–>Google–>Account services–>Search, Assistant & Voice–>Google Assistant–>Assistant–>Scroll down to Ambient mode. Toggle off Ambient Mode feature.

  3. Device is not Certified by Google error

    Install the Device ID app, If you are still able to access the Play Store. Else you can download the APK file here and install it on your device. Follow our tutorial if you haven’t installed APK before.

    You need to note down Google Service Framework (GSF) ID after running Device ID app.
    Now, go to Google’s Device Registration page, enter your Google Services Framework ID on the Android ID box and tap Register.

    This should register your device and you should be able to get rid of the “device not certified by google” error. The fix may take a few minutes in reflecting in Play store.

In case these issue-specific workarounds don’t work, use the “Generic Workaround” steps listed above. Soft/Hard reset may solve the issues and return your smartphones to working condition.

Issues and Fixes list seen here is not final and will be updated based on feedback from our readers. Do let us know how we can improve this tutorial in comments below..

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