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First Software Update for the Nokia X is out now. Update yours!

Nokia has started the rollout of a new Software Update for the Nokia X Platform. The platform version after the update resides at 11.1.1 from the previous 10.0.3. However, this isn’t a huge update and only brings a limited set improvements, mostly the Bug Fixes.

nokia x update

Official Change-log

  • Colors of 3rd party app tiles can be changed.
  • Phone software performance improvements.

The size of the update is around 16MB and has started rolling out to all the regions, but some regions will receive it earlier than the others. So if you don’t see an update notification in your Nokia X, hold on for a couple more days.


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Narender Singh

Student of Business, but tech still remains the topmost interest. Nokia fan for life and has been using Nokia phones since my first phone. Starting with a Nokia 1200, present is a Symbian and future will surely bring a Lumia :) Also played with droids, but still ♥ Nokia. Blog at and here at NPU.
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  • habib

    Yaar. I have nokia x and my software is updated to but when I run store it says update store and when I update the store update fails. How to fix this?

  • cece

    Jus installed whatsapp but it says your device no supported.

  • emre

    when facebook app gonna update?.Every time ı open face app and it says NOW UPDATE FACEBOOK and i click it gows 1mobile or nokia store itry both but nothing happens,there is no avaliable update for us (by update i mean latest update for android facebook)

  • niks

    i have nokia x from last month but i haven’t got any update. i have checked but there is no update avail. can you help me????

    • onedirectionxx

      you have to go to >Settings > About Phone > System updates and tapping Check Now.

  • Yash Joshi

    Hello this is Yash i Bought a Nokia X 6 days ago and its not received update i have been checking but its unavialable.. does it depends on IMEI no.. as one of nokia Promoter Told me…

  • JLIT99

    Apparently, the software update stops people from rooting their phone.

    Those who already had root still have it, though.

    • True that. FramaRoot stopped working there. Even WhatsApp isn’t working on the devices who updated.
      @Kamal: Can you confirm this?

      • Kamal

        Yes, rooting has been blocked by this update. Though whatsapp can be installed from 3rd party store 1mobilemarket. Go to Nokia store—-> nokia collection—->1mobilemarket.

        • Hmm.. And it worked? To me, somebody reported that upon installing the APK and opening, whatsapp throws a device not supported error. Worked for you?

          • Kamal

            Yes, I am online on whatsapp 😛

            • Strange! You installed it after the update? 😛

              • Kamal

                yes, it can easily be done from 3rd party stores. there are three 3rd party stores provided by Nokia, which can be accessed from Nokia store and installing them

                • Okay I got it. Version on 1mobile is older than the latest stable version available on

                  Install the latest version or wait for an update from 1mobile and it won’t work anymore :v
                  IDK if its an issue which the update brought or an issue with the new version of WhatsApp. Anyways, Nokia acknowledges it 😀

  • The quicker Microsoft can complete the acquisition and kill this abomination, the better.

    • JLIT99

      And why would Microsoft kill this phone? It sold out within minutes in China. It could end up being very lucrative for them.

      Microsoft is a business, not a religion.

    • I’m sure this isn’t born to be killed. These MS services are not added without Microsoft playing any role 😛

  • JLIT99

    Does this update change the Android version number by any chance (such as from 4.1.2 to 4.3?) or is it just a UI update?

    • As about this update, it only upgrades the Nokia X Software Platform. The base Android is still 4.1.2. The base will most probably stay the same for the present set of devices.
      Maybe Nokia X Platform 2.0 will someday feature Android KitKat 😛

      • JLIT99

        I hope so indeed..