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First ever Lumia 920 Rich recording (Party Music) sample. Video shot in low light conditions.


We have brought to you many Rich-recording samples of various kinds shot with the amazing 808 PureView. Now, it is turn of the another PureView from Nokia. Yup, we are talking about Lumia 920 and it is well-known for its amazing low light capability and video capture thanks to the OIS. But there is one more aspect to it. It also carries same HAAC or Rich-recording microphones setup as 808 PureView, albeit in Mono as compared to Stereo in 808 PureView. But Nokia Camera Guru Damian Dinning had claimed that even this mono rich-recording will be better than others. And we nod our heads in affirmation :).

Here goes the first ever Rich-recording (Party Music) sample shot with Lumia 920. Great thing is that video is also captured in low light conditions. So, it demos both low light video capture as well as the audio recording prowess of the Lumia 920. The low light video is amazingly stable and you will yourself feel the power of OIS. The audio is really great for Mono and it sounds very rich and balanced. Seems that we are really going to see many Live concerts recordings with Lumia 920 going ahead !!



Source Thanks  @easycapexpertti.

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