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Exclusive: Lumia 940 (950) XL specifications & key features.

nokia_lumia_1520.b94d5083111.originalSo, after Lumia 940 here is bit more info about Lumia 940 XL from our sources. Microsoft will not only pack Lumia 940 XL with some cutting-edge specs but it may also boast of some cool and exclusive features.

Lumia 940 (950) XL specifications & Features:

Slim design with Metallic unibody frame

5.7 inch, 2560 x 1440 resolution display

Octa-Core Snapdragon 810 with Adreno 430 GPU


32 GB internal storgae

MicroSD card slot


20 MP PureView camera

Short Pulse variable-tone LED Flash

Continuum for Phones support

Iris Scanner

Native Pen support

USB Type-C & Dual-Role support

Some exclusive Windows 10 Mobile features like 3D user interaction and multi-windows support are also said to be in works for Lumia 940 XL and Lumia 940 but it is always difficult to predict whether these features will make the final cut.

Finally, as we have said earlier we don’t know yet whether it will be really called Lumia 940 XL at the time of launch.

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  • axel

    Hey, some say its got a 4GB RAM……..and 4k display!

  • Andi

    Everything great, but I do not want such a large display.

  • Frank2000

    Any Information about the sensor size?
    And I mean the physical size!

  • Jonathan

    If this phone is set to come out in the next few months with WP8.1 update 2, then yes it would be named a 940/1040 XL.
    However if it’s delayed until the WM10 launch it’ll pickup the ’50 suffix along with all other windows 10 Lumias, and would be named the 950/1050 XL.

  • Shadowfallen

    Big daddy is coming with a monstrous resolution!!

  • JDbiggles

    Will not hold my breath but wait and see… I bet 02 in the UK screw me on an upgrade so I have to jump ship back to Vodafone.

  • shady

    Anything I’ve ever wanted in a phone 😀

  • Mohamed Emad

    I need Dual SIM 940 XL

  • jens könig

    so will the 940 have a sd Card Slot too or is it 940 XL only?

  • Kristijan Sašilo

    Good to see native pen support on Windows Phones. Lumia 1520 was in a desperate need for one 🙂

  • mcyangsta

    I wish that Snapdragon 820 with Andreno 530 would be used instead. SD820 is supposed to ship in late 2015.

    • Hemedans

      sd 820 for 1020 successor,

    • theflew

      You said the magic word – “suppose to ship”. You can not plan a product launch on what is suppose to ship. What if it’s delayed, has problems (overheating) or if there are yield issues? You basically want to go with the part that is out, available and has known characteristics. Given WM 10 runs on 200 level processors a 810 is going to do wonders.

      • mcyangsta

        SD820 is on schedule to be released with the Moto X and Xiami Mi5 in November. L1040 is rumored targeting for next Spring, about 10-12 months from now. SD820 will be READY for L1040 if MS so chooses to use that chip. The top camera phone deserves the top processor without overheating issue. Period.

  • that_guy

    I wonder if they’ll be any other flagships that I should hold out for.

    • Kamal

      Lumia 940 and Lumia 940 XL are all that you get this year in terms of Lumia flagships.

      • that_guy

        They better not go and release a 1530 or a 1030 after I get the 940xl. I was hoping for a 1030.

        • Amrut Mhatre

          hold your money, Microsoft had partnered with Canon for some reason 😉

          • that_guy

            Awwwe snap!

      • Marc Vuorinen

        BTW any news on the Wireless Charging?

    • mcyangsta

      L1040 in 2016

      • that_guy

        With the snapdragon 820….

        • mcyangsta

          55MP camera lenses ….

          • that_guy

            And a 13 MP FFC just for the heck of it….