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Even after being the lowest bidder NSN gets only 11% ($ 359 million) worth contract!!

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This is ridiculous to say the least. Why have a bidding system when you don’t have to honor it later?

So, even after being the lowest bidder for China Mobile’s TD-LTE base stations bid estimated at CNY20 billion (US$3.26 billion), NSN has been awarded just 11% of the the supply contracts. Still, due to the deal being so big 11% amounts to about US$ 359 which looks good, but leaves a sordid taste in mouth when one thinks about what could have been if the bid was honored.

Thanks Marek for the Tip. Cheers!!


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  • ras

    This is China we’re talking about. Was anybody so naive that they actually believed NSN could win anything but some overflow work?? ZTE, Huawei, and any other Chinese company was slated to get the lion’s share of the contracts long before the project was ever announced. C’mon folks, this is nothing new. And considering the environment in which this all took place, up to 11% is pretty darn good for an outsider!

  • kosher nostra

    Just a sad day as far as integrity & ones honor is concerned. The Cane of Gung Fu was not the real embodiment of the true Chinese spirit. Just a superficial Mask. We shall overcome with more honest partners. We are planting the seeds of greatness & patience.

  • asgardi

    The point is that NSN just provides some devices and chinese copy the 89 % of the deal…

  • w-man

    It’s OK to be protectionist & chauvinist ***hole if you’re Chinese, didn’t you get the memo?

    On the other hand, I wish Western companies and nations would act a bit more like the Chinese. I don’t know how things are done in India, are Tata and other major Indian companies getting preferential treatment from the State?

    • Kamal Mishra

      Nopes, India may have its issues like corruption but no protection to big homegrown enterprises. Bids are valued and respected. In China, all these operators are still state controlled. In India, bigger and profitable operators like Airtel are all independent corporations. We just reported how NSN has scored 7 deals is India.

    • Diazene

      the US does the same

  • Niss

    what does this all mean Mishra? Can u explain?