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“Drop test” and “Hammer & Knife scratch test” on Lumia 920 (Also used as a hammer to put a nail). The legacy of “Indestructible” continues ;).


Phonebuff has torture tested Lumia 920 in a series of tests. The first one is a “Drop Test” and the second one is “Hammer and Knife scratch test”. Not only this in second test video, it has been used as a hammer to put a nail into piece of a wood 😛. Result: The indestructible 3310 must have been proud as the legacy of indestructibility continues with Lumia 920. It remains unscathed and unbroken in a testimony to the Nokia quality.

Drop Test:

Description: In this video, I do a drop test on the Nokia Lumia 920. I drop the phone from the waist, the chest, and the head to give you an idea on how the phone will fare if you drop it in real life. Also, this drop test is a good indicator of the overall durability of the Lumia 920.


Hammer and Knife scratch test:

I test the durability of the Nokia Lumia 920 by scratching it with car keys, slicing away at it with a knife, slamming a mallet on it’s screen, and finally using it to hammer in a nail into a piece of wood.


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