We had it from Windows Phone 8.1 SDK leaks that Cortana will be very deeply integrated to Bing and device owner’s interests and other data like calendar, contacts, location, and browsing history etc will be saved so as to provide personalized recommendations. Now, the Cortana appears in Bing personalization page hours before its unveil during BUILD today.


It clearly mentions Cortana as Microsoft services and there is option of clearing saved personal info, interests and other Cortana data like calendar, contacts, location, and browsing history, which it uses for providing personalized recommendations.

Clear personal info

When you’re signed into your Microsoft account, Microsoft services like Cortana, Bing Apps, and Bing services personalize your experience. This personalization will be impacted when you clear the information below and will be reflected on all devices where you have authenticated with your Microsoft account.


This will clear your saved favorites and interests in Cortana and related Bing apps and services.

Other Cortana data

To provide personalized recommendations, we upload some info from your Windows Phone, such as your calendar, contacts, location, and browsing history. If you clear this info, Microsoft may be temporarily unable to provide these recommendations.

There is one Cortana link on the page clicking on which takes you to,


The page is not available for now, obviously!

Thanks Gautam for the tip. Cheers!!