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Build 10.0.10586.200 spotted on BuildFeed. Would it be next?


We have seen many rumors about upcoming Redstone builds and Th2 builds for Windows 10 Mobile. Now a new Windows 10 Mobile TH2 Build 10.0.1586.200 has been spotted on BuildFeed. BuildFeed posts new builds which are under testing. So one can expect this build for insiders running Build 10586.164 soon. But we haven’t any confirmed news about this build.

The last build released by Microsoft is 10586.164 and it is available only for insider slow ring and release preview ring. That build was nearly identical to it’s previous build 10586.122. The build didn’t bring any new changes or new features, it was a minor cumulative update like other Build 10586 versions.

As per the BuildFeed , TH2 build 10586.200 was compiled on March 10 and may already be under testing for last 4-5 days. If the build gets released, it will surely fix many of the issues and bugs but there are nil chances to bring some new changes.

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  • Alexandre Coelho

    maybe it is the next and public one, i dont know if you guys realized, but it is the first time since 10586 started that they create a build with a ”full’ number… it was .63 .71… i remember windows 10 for pc´s. people saying that release to public versions have numbers like this new one.

  • Borhan Uddin

    I want that build which will enable Call recorder & USB OTG to every Windows phone out there.

    • Kamal

      Call-Recorder yes, as it is a software-based feature. USB OTG no as it will need supported hardware.

      • Borhan Uddin

        Then how come $100 cheap Android phones support OTG? Do they have expensive hardware Like Lumia 950XL? I believe these phones have same USB 2.0 port same as other windows phones.

        • Akhil G Vithura

          OTG need USB ports which support Duel role , sadly Nokia didn’t provide that in any Lumia except 950 nd 950 XL

          • Borhan Uddin

            Ok, but Microsoft made so many models (I’m talking about after acquisition), didn’t they include the hardware too? What about newest devices like Lumia 550, 650 etc?