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BodBot offering “premium membership for a full year” to new app users on Windows Phone


BodbotBodBot is a premium “Personal Trainer, Fitness & Workout Coach” service available for Windows Phone. It is now running a good offer for limited time. If you are a new Windows Phone Bodbot user, you will be upgraded for free to premium membership for a full year. You can just download the app and get going.

BodBot details:

BodBot will personalize your exercise and nutrition to you. It will tailor to your goal, schedule, equipment and exercise history (including strength and fitness, as well as flexibility and posture), and adapt based on your progress.

Nutrition includes macronutrients – protein, carbs and fats – but also micronutrients like sodium, fiber, potassium, omega3 fatty acids, and many more vitamins and minerals to fuel your fitness and keep you lean and healthy.

Get BodBot Plus and target body parts and muscles – from calves, quads, glutes, hamstrings and thighs, to biceps, abs, shoulders (delts), back muscles or even the rotator cuff – from a killer butt to a six pack – if your goal is overall fitness, or bodybuilding, or athletic performance, to build muscle, get lean, become more athletic, lose weight or focus on healthy living, we’ll personalize your exercise and nutrition accordingly.

Use the Nutritionist with the personal trainer to adjust macronutrients and micronutrients based on your workouts.

Whether you workout at the gym or at home, lifting with a power rack, safety bench, barbells and kettlebells – or a few dumbbells and a stability ball – or bodyweight alone – we can tailor your exercise and workouts – weightlifting, bodyweight, etc – to your goals. Every muscle & exercise is in scope for your fitness.

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