Earlier we shared some images of the low-end Nokia smartphone running Meltemi, that never saw light of the day. Meltemi was the OS, which was supposed to replace S40 at low-end with disruptive features and could have kept Maemo-Harmattan alive on Nokia smartphones. Stephen Elop axed Meltemi in favor of Asha platform back in June 2012, when Nokia had announced job cuts. As per insider reports, it was ready and a device running Meltemi OS was about to come out, when it was axed.

Now, a hands-on video has emerged of the Meltemi smartphone prototype that gives us a good idea about the Swipe OS that was desired by many. Some of the Swipe actions like going back to Home Screen from anywhere and bringing a small menu by swiping up from bottom look so cool.


Thanks Oleg for the tip. Cheers!!