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AT&T Lumia 830: In-built Qi charging, comes in Black & Green, launches first week of November


Lumia830-BLK-Front-pngSome tidbits about AT&T are revealed from the specs page, which now actually has full specs of Lumia 830 along with images, which confirm that it is meant for AT&T bound Lumia 830 variant.

1) Bit surprising, but seem AT&T is now fine with Qi wireless charging as Lumia 830 for AT&T comes with in-built Qi charging

2) It will comes in only Black and Green colors, which is bit stingy in comparison to usual color choice offered for other Lumias by AT&T.

Now a tidbit from our sources, who tell us that it should launch very soon, most probably in the first week of November for an on-contract price of $99. They are not sure about off-contract pricing, but speculate it to be around $299 / $349.

Lumia 830 specs link

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