TelegramTime for some apps updates!!

Telegram Messenger:

It has been updates with increased audio upload speed, contact info sharing and more

+ increased audio uploading speed
+ share contact info
+ invite friends via social networks and email
+ bug fixes


It adds some important new features.

– It’s now easier to use Wunderlist right along side your other apps, with Snap view support in our Windows 8.1 app.
– We’ve made keeping your life in sync more seamless by adding full push notification support so you’ll never miss a beat.
– If you’re not a fan of typing passwords, you can now sign in to you Wunderlist account using your Facebook and Google profiles.
– And to top things off, we’ve squashed a whole equatorial-jungle full of small bugs to make your Wunderlist apps run more smoothly.

Xbox One SmartGlass:

• See the Top Games in Profile and Popular Games in Friends
• Activity Feed Alerts and UI improvements

Telegram Messenger

Xbox One SmartGlass