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808 PureView simply smokes iPhone 5 in a video and audio capture shootout.


 has posted four videos comparing video capture between Camera smartphone king 808 PureView and Apple’s latest iPhone 5. Great thing is that not only video but the audio recording has also been compared. The methodology is that the same video has been posted with sound capture with 808 PureView and iPhone 5 separately.

Result is not very surprising, but the difference between video and audio quality is so clear that it is a no-brainer. 808 PureView has big lead  even in the daylight conditions and as soon as you enter tricky lighting zone, this lead multiplies. Video clarity, Stabilisation, artificial light handling, Audio loudness and clarity  everywhere 808 PureView wins hands down.

We have already posted a comparison of how the audio recording sounds in case of “Music Concerts recording” with both devices and you can follow the below link to check  the comparison.


Check the videos now,





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