Few things are better than have more free apps to choose from.  In this case we get an app and a game, 2flicka- a picture sharing social media application and Robo & Bobo- a 3D puzzle game that tests you as you try and reunite Bobo and Robo.

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  • snap and share special moments
  • over 45 different filters, add titles, and descriptions
  • Create Photo sets
  • comment/favorite or even download pictures posted by your friends

all you social media enthusiasts, this is one to take a look at, to do so click HERE.


Robo and Bobo

Who are you better friends with then your teddy bear? If you have not seen the movieTed I recommend it, this movie will make you understand the true bond between a man and his teddy bear.  Anyway the game, Robo and Bobo, the robot is pushed to his limits to see how much he truly cares about his teddy bear.  Your main challenge is tricky 3D puzzle games, do you have what it takes to reunite the robot with his teddy bear?  If you want to accept the challenge click HERE.