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Official Lumia 1020 time-lapse video: Comet “lands” in NY

Nokia's official YouTube channel has posted time-lapse video of a "Comet Installation" shot on Lumia 1020. The comet installation was created by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and StudioKCA for World science festival. The amazing camera...

Weekend Watch: Collection of Lumia 920 time lapse videos !!

In the weekend watch, we are bringing to you some cool "Time lapse" videos captured with Lumia 920's PureView camera. Lumia 920's camera has been rated as one of the best smartphone cameras with amazing...

Weekend watch 3: Time for some Time-lapse videos captured with 808 PureView.

Enjoy some of the cool time-lapse videos captured with 808 PureView. This one is my fav and truly awesome.           Do, let us know if you find  better ones, we will include them in the article.

Nokia uploads 808 PureView Time-Lapse Film with all original images, without any photo editing.

One more amazing promo video for 808 pureview has been uploaded by Nokia on YouTube. Like before this Time-Lapse film has been created by using only the original images captured by 808 pureview without any editing. This...

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