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Weekend watch 3: Time for some Time-lapse videos captured with 808 PureView.

Enjoy some of the cool time-lapse videos captured with 808 PureView. This one is my fav and truly awesome. [youtube=]   [youtube=]   [youtube=]   [youtube=]   [youtube=]   Do, let us know if you find  better ones, we will include them in the article.

Nokia uploads 808 PureView Time-Lapse Film with all original images, without any photo editing.

One more amazing promo video for 808 pureview has been uploaded by Nokia on YouTube. Like before this Time-Lapse film has been created by using only the original images captured by 808 pureview without any editing. This Time-lapse sequence has been shot in South Africa with Nokia 808 PureView's inbuilt sequence shooting. The settings