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2 new Nokia smartphone variants TA-1272 & TA-1276 pass certification in Thailand after Russia

While HMD plans to unveil new Nokia smartphones soon, two new Nokia smartphone variants TA-1272 & TA-1276 have passed certification in Thailand. Both are 4G smartphones as the certification reveals. These two variants were previously...

6 new Nokia smartphone (Nokia 3.4/Nokia 6.3/ Nokia 7.3 5G) variants TA-1272, TA-1276, TA-1283,...

As many as six new Nokia smartphone variants that may belong to Nokia 3.4, Nokia 6.3 and Nokia 7.3 5G have appeared in Russian certification. These variants are TA-1272, TA-1276, TA-1283, TA-1294, TA-1303 and...

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