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Nokia X6 name for TA-1099 confirmed by Bluetooth certification

Nokia X that will see its launch on May 16 in China was also rumored as coming as Nokia X6. But all the promotions including the latest one by retailer Suning were done using...

Nokia X (TA-1099) full specs revealed by the Tenna certification.

We have seen real-life images and even a short hands-on video of the upcoming surprise new Nokia smartphone Nokia X. What was however not known or less known yet were the detailed specs of...

New Nokia Phones TA-1099 & TA-1109 pass certification in China before “Nokia X” launch

Before the impending unveil of Nokia X on April 27, two unknown Nokia devices have passed CCC certification in China. TA-1099 and TA-1109 are the variant names for these two Nokia smartphones. Both the devices...

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