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Windows 10 Mobile Fall update to bring Photos auto-enhance feature & Album experience

Microsoft has clarified on one of its official pages regarding full Photos functionality on Windows 10 Mobile. As per the clarification, two new features that are already present in Windows 10 Photos app will...

Microsoft Photos app snags minor update for Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft Photos apps snagged a minor update in Windows 10 Mobile store. The latest version of app is 15.1201.10032.0 and it doesn't bring any major changes. However, we assume minor fixes and performance improvements added in...

Windows 10 mobile Mail and Calendar and Photos apps get updated

Time for some new updates!!! Outlook Mail and Calendar and Photos have received new updated for Windows 10 mobile devices. There version are 17.6419.42002.0 and 15.1118.12032.0. However the latest updates for these two are not major...

Microsoft Photos and Onedrive gets updated for Windows 10 Mobile

Time for some apps updates on Windows 10 Mobile Microsoft Photos received a new update for Windows 10 Mobile to version 15.1111.12232.0. However there is no change log available, so we can assume bug fixes...

W10M Photos update allows selection of OneDrive folders to show content

Time for more Windows 10 Mobile apps updates. Native Photos app has been updated to version 15.1109.10362.0. Coming to what has changed with this update, If you go to settings you can notice the new...

Microsoft releases “Folders crash” fix for Photos on Build 10581

The native Windows 10 Mobile Photos app has received an update on Build 10581. The update takes the app's version to 15.1030.15142. The update fixes an annoying bug that you may have encountered if you...

Windows Camera and Microsoft Photos gets updated for Windows 10 Mobile

Today after updating OneDrive for Windows 10 Mobile with UI changes, Microsoft Photos and Windows Camera app also got updated. However there is no change log available, so we can assume bug fixes and...

Groove Music (Gapless Playback) & Photos app updated for Windows 10 Mobile

Time for some Windows 10 Mobile app update! Today, Groove Music and Microsoft Photos app for Windows 10 Mobile gets updated. The latest update for Groove Music adds Gapless playback, which has one of the most requested feature...

Windows 10 Mobile Photos app gets “Favourites” with latest update

Windows 10 Mobile native Photos app has been updated. The update brings one new noticeable feature and now you can favourite images in the app. The option is now added to the bottom pivot...

Windows 10 Mobile Camera & Photos apps snag updates

Two native Windows 10 Mobile apps Photos and Camera have seen updates. Photos have been updated to version 15.1001.16472. The new version however doesn't seem to bring anything new to the table. So, we...

Windows 10 Mobile Mail & Calendar, Photos apps updated

Two more Windows 10 Mobile native apps have seen updates. Mail & Calendar has been updated to version 17.6224.42282.0. Photos has 15.928.19012 as the new versions. Coming to what these update bring in terms of...

Windows 10 Mobile Photos app receives an update.

Time for more and more Windows 10 Mobile app updates!! Microsoft is on an updating spree and after Extras & Info, OneDrive and Office Mobile apps it has now pushed update for the...

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