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More info about Windows 10 Universal Office apps & Outlook Mail & Calendar

While Microsoft announced and even demoed a bit of new touch-optimized Universal Office apps for Windows 10 there is more info in a new blog post that also talks about new Universal Outlook...

Windows 10, Office for Windows Phone, new outlook in action in new official video

 Microsoft has just posted official video demoing Windows 10 in action along with touch-friendly office for Windows Phones in action. Read our coverage of today's Microsoft event to know all about the announcements today by...

New touch-friendly office & new universal outlook coming to Windows Phone

Microsoft today unveiled new touch-friendly office for Windows Phone devices and Windows Tablets that will come with Windows 10 update. It will be free and bundled with Windows 10. As per the demo the...

Lumia’s productivity with Office & Cortana demoed in new video “Winning from “Home”

  A new video from Nokia US presents Lumia's productivity with Office and Cortana in a rather dramatic way. It pitches Lumia as the ultimate productivity tool, which allows one to accomplish tasks like creating...

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