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MDG Chi, a Windows 10 phone with octa-core processor seen in benchmark entry

  It may very well be the first device running Windows 10 Mobile and an Octa-core processor to reveal itself. MDG Chi is seen in a Rightware benchmarking entry. The device runs on an unknown...

Windows 10 to support higher than 2560×2048 (QSZGA) resolutions, Octa-Core, Hexa-Core processors

That Windows 10 will bring support for bleeding-edge specs, was widely expected and it seems true now with Microsoft revealing the Processor support and minimum hardware specifications at its Windows HEC event in China....

HTC HimaW will come running Windows 10. To be US only & not coming...

HTC Hima is going to be the next flagship device from HTC and we have reported about its specs leak. It will sport a octa-core Snapdragon 810 processor with 13 MP and 20 MP...

Microsoft confirms Lumia devices running Octa-core Snapdragon 810 due in 2015

We reported how Microsoft inadvertently revealed that Windows 10 Phone and Tablets running on Octa-core processors and very powerful GPUs are expected soon. Now, Qualcomm and Microsoft have gone official with announcement of Lumias...

Microsoft: Windows 10 phones & tablets with Octa-Core processors expected soon

Windows 10 for Phones and Tablets was officially revealed by Microsoft on 21st January and come February, it will be here running on registered "Phone Insider" smartphones. You can read all the revealed details...


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