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#Lumia1520 goes on pre-order at official Nstore in Italy. Priced € 699.99

First country where Lumia 1520 has gone on pre-order is Italy and it is priced € 699.90 there. One can pre-order the device with a deposit of € 99,90 and expected availability is tentatively...

Lumia 920 sold out at TIM online store and remains sold out at official...

Lumia 920's sold out status continues in most of the markets. Plaffo.com has yesterday put an article saying that it seems to be available at "TIM" online store for purchase and difficult to find...

Huge demand sends Lumia 920 “sold out” once again at official “Nstore” in Italy.

  This may be the 4th or 5th time that Lumia 920 has sold out, since the paid pre-orders began at Nokia Italy's official store "Nstore" for Lumia 920 . In fact we reported just 7 days back...

Nokia Italy starts shipping Lumia 920 for customers booking early at official Nstore.

We have earlier reported how paid pre-orders of Lumia 920 were sold out thrice at official Nstore in Italy and customers booking later were intimated to get shipments by end of November. Now Nstore has announced over its blog...


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