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WhatsApp Beta reveals delete broadcast history, new backgrounds, page up & down arrows.

 WhatsApp private Beta reveals more new features: The option of deleting broadcast history is inbound. Beta  version is 2.11.392. New page up and down arrows for navigation. Beta  version is again 2.11.392. New backgrounds. Beta version is...

Windows Phone 8.5 already in works. WP8.1 will support one minute background updates.

Two very interesting bits have emerged from the leaked Windows Phone 8.1 SDK, which now seems always has something to reveal. Windows Phone 8.5 will follow Windows Phone 8.1 as the next OS update....

New Windows Phone 8.1 screenshots show “pictures set as background”.

SDK and other leaks have sort of confirmed that Windows Phone 8.1 will bring custom background for start screen. Now, two more images leak in China and they show how the start screen will...

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