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Nokia X2 Camera review: Stills & Video capture shootout with Lumia 525


Till now, we have covered a lot about Nokia X2, the latest and the best of Nokia X range of devices ever. Catch all our video coverage and written coverage!!

Many of you wanted us to review Nokia X2‘s camera and here we are with not only the review but also a still imaging and video capture shootout with Lumia 525, our benchmark for low-end smartphone cameras.

We have some 200% crops compared to each other and in each set Lumia 525 is on top followed by Nokia X2 at the bottom. You may catch the full-size images by clicking here and here,

Clarity and details:

Lumia 525 vs Nokia X2Long-distance shot & colors:

Details & sharpness:

Low-light w/o flash, Lumia 525:

Low-light w/o flash, Nokia X2:

Lumia 525 macro:

Nokia X2 macro:

Stills capture wise, both cameras look pretty evenly matched when it comes to capturing details or capturing low-light images without flash or in capturing close-up shots. But, when you compare the images at 200% crop levels, things look a bit different.

Nokia X2 images look bit sharper and with slightly higher amount of resolved details. The higher sharpness in Nokia X2 images though is also contributed by higher amount of artificial sharpening applied by Nokia X2 imaging algorithms. Nokia X2 also captures images with more vibrant colors than Lumia 525 but surprisingly keeps real color tone intact, just like Lumia 525.

In a nutshell, stills with Nokia X2 camera may look slightly more detailed, sharper yet saturated than stills with Lumia 525 camera under similar capturing conditions. Also, Nokia X2 camera has flash, which Lumia 525 lacks, so that’s one more advantage.

Coming to video capture, if you have a look at the two 720p video samples captured by Nokia X2 and Lumia 525, similar theme appears. Details capture wise both are on par, but Nokia X2 video has more artificial sharpening and color saturation.

Nokia X2 video sample:

Lumia 525 video sample:

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