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Nokia X camera impressions: Imaging and video samples


Time for our Nokia X camera impressions!! Though, Nokia X has only a 3 MP fixed-focus camera, still it is NPU’s tradition to bring camera impressions separately for devices. So, Nokia X is not an exception here. It has very interesting camera UI and it has many manual options which look really tempting. It has three shooting modes; image, video and panorama.

In imaging mode settings, Face detection, picture quality, shutter sound etc are few of the options, which you would certainly like to play with.Though you are presented with WB, ISO, Exposure, Saturation, sharpness and many other options.

Video capture also have many options and one can chose video resolution and other settings like White Balance, time-lapse interval. There is also a panorama mode which is really easy to use.

2014-04-04-1197All the images below are with “Superfine picture quality” settings and video is captured in FWVGA (864 x 480) resolution.


For a 3 MP fixed-focus camera, Nokia X performs decently. Especially in low-light it surprises with its noise cleaning, though details capture wise, it is as good as an entry-level smartphone camera can be. Even the video capture is decent for a 3 MP camera without flash and can capture video in 480P resolution. It will be really interesting to review 5 MP auto-focus camera of Nokia XL with so much manual control on offer.

Imaging samples:

Video sample:

You can watch our Nokia X hands-on videos including unboxing, UI demo, full settings walk-through, native apps including store etc by clicking here. Stay tuned for gaming demo and full review.

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