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Nokia T20 review: An impressive Tablet with quality display & excellent battery life


We have tested Nokia T20 4GB RAM, 64GB internal storage WiFi variant and this is our detailed review of the Tablet. It may help you in deciding whether you should really go for Nokia T20 as your next if you really wanted to own one and are still undecided.

Nokia T20 is the first Android Tablet from HMD Global. It is priced very competitively in most of the markets including India.

Nokia T20 detailed video review:

We have reviewed Nokia T20 in detail in the hands-on review video. Read on for the written review below.

Nokia T20 Design:

Nokia T20 feels premium all the way in your hand with its Sandblasted Aluminum body. It is quite well-built, a trait you would expect in any Nokia device. The back has a matt finish ensuring its stability in your hand.

It is a slim Tablet with considerable bezels around the display to avoid any unwanted touch accidents. But what looks really classic is how the blacks of the display mates to the Black of Bezels.

Nokia T20 Display & Audio output Quality review:

Nokia T20 comes with a 2K resolution display. The 10.4-inch display looks impressive with deep black color levels and good contrast. The maximum brightness level is high (400 nits).

Here are our observations after playing with Nokia T20 as a daily driver.

  • The display is bright and ideal brightness level is around 50-60% in most of the cases.
  • Adaptive brightness learns your choices quickly.
  • Outdoor readability is also quite good on Nokia T20.
  • Viewing angles are excellent.
  • Blacks are deep and color reproduction excellent

You can control white Balance on Nokia T20 to add/reduce color saturation in Nokia T20 display. Fingerprint resistance is a very nice feature of Nokia T20 display and you don’t need to wipe it time and again. The display is excellent for media consumption and gaming with the real-estate it offers.

The Nokia T20 audio output quality is just excellent. Stereo speakers with OZO Playback provide very rich and loud (if you need) audio listening experience. The audio output quality makes the video watching and gaming experience just so much better.

Check our Nokia T20 detailed video review above to judge the Display and Audio output quality yourself.

Nokia T20 Cameras review :

Both Nokia T20 cameras are mostly meant for video calling and not for serious imaging. Accordingly the rear camera is average in terms of imaging quality but the front camera does good selfies. But when it comes to doing the stuff these cameras are meant for they do well.

Check some Nokia T20 rear camera samples below. Check all the full-size Nokia T20 camera samples by clicking here.

Daylight sample:

Bokeh sample:

Check some Nokia T20 front camera samples below.

Bokeh sample:

Daylight sample:

Nokia T20 Performance, Gaming, Multitasking review :

Nokia T20 is powered by the Unisoc T610 Octa-core processor clocked at 1.8 GHz. It comes with near-stock Android 11 out of the box.

Nokia T20 is good at handling basic and advanced Tablet tasks. Be it browsing, gaming or multitasking with many apps and games open in the background, it remains at ease. Games and apps also resume well from background with device under stress.

Gaming looks and feels so good on the 2K resolution Nokia T20 display. The rich and loud audio output by stereo speakers makes the gaming experience even more immersing.

Check our Nokia T20 detailed video review above to judge the performance yourself.

Nokia T20 Battery Life, Fast charging & Call (Audio/Video) quality:

Nokia T20 has shown excellent battery life during our review. In real-life conditions, I have been getting around 32-36 hrs of battery life with heavy “blogger” usage of the device. This involves lots of browsing, video streaming, gaming, apps testing, attending calls and daily chores.

It may be around 36-40 hrs for a moderately heavy usage scenario and that is really very very impressive. Screen-on time typically varies between 7 hrs – 9 hrs for different usage scenarios. Nokia T20 battery supports up to 15W Fast charging, though the in-box charger has only 10W Fast charging capability.

Nokia T20 offers stellar call quality, both audio and video. The front camera offers stellar video quality during calls and the audio output remains top-notch because of stereo speakers and OZO recording and playback.

Nokia T20 Enhanced touch sensitivity, Display colors tweak:

Nokia T20 features enhanced touch sensitivity and also ability to alter display color saturation. The enhanced touch sensitivity is very useful when one uses the Tablet wearing a glove or when a screen protector in used over the display.

The ability to alter color saturation also comes handy if you want more or less color vibrancy on the display. By default Nokia T20 display has good color balance but increasing a bit may also please many.

Nokia T20 Positives & Negatives:


  • Nokia T20 rear camera is average at the best. Expected a better camera given it is a “Nokia” device.


  • Premium looking design
  • Excellent display quality with enhanced touch sensitivity option
  • Excellent Audio output quality
  • Battery life is one of the best you will get from an Android Tablet
  • Competitive pricing

Nokia T20 Conclusion:

We subjected Nokia T20 to our trademark rigorous and detailed evaluation. We readily recommend it as a reliable and Premium looking Tablet that excels in display quality, audio output and battery life. The competitive pricing is icing on the cake and it is one of best priced Nokia device ever.

Nokia T20 comes running Android 11 out of the box and has guaranteed two years of OS updates and three years of security updates support. This is another great aspect of owning a Nokia device.

Nokia T20 is priced at INR 15,499 for the 3GB/32GB Wi-Fi, INR 16,499 for 4GB/64GB Wi-Fi, and INR 18,499 for 4GB/64GB LTE + Wi-Fi variant in India. It is priced at USD 249 in the US for the 4GB RAM/64GB storage variant, at £199.99 in the UK for the 4GB RAM/64GB storage variant.

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