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Nokia planning 5G test networks early next year in Finland



nokia networksNot only HERE and Nokia Technologies, but the highly profitable Nokia Networks, too, is a proven innovation leader in its field. It is living up to its credentials yet again by leading everyone towards the 5G, the new standard in network data transfer speed.

According to a report, Nokia is planning to build a 5G data transfer test network in Oulu, Finland, early next year.

Juha Maatta, Nokia technical director has revealed to Yle News that a commitment in principle is in place for the planned 5G network. While a formal decision regarding the network’s actual construction plans will come later this year, Maatta said he expects the rollout will start in early 2015.

The city of Oulu, University of Oulu and Finnish Technical Research Centre VTT will participate in this 5G project. The 5G Network is supposed to speed up the data transfer by 10 to 100 times the current user data rate.

Nokia Networks has already shown its commitment towards 5G by collaborating with China Mobile and by demoing “Authorized shared access” or ASA trial with TD-LTE network.


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