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Nokia 8 Pro Camera UI demo, issues & tips to get better imaging quality


Nokia 8 started receiving the Pro Camera update for its Camera app starting yesterday. This was a long-awaited update that not only brought Pro Camera UI but also new imaging algorithms. So, we not only took our update Nokia 8 for a spin outside but also recorded a demo of the Pro Camera UI on Nokia 8.

While it is clear that Nokia 8 does perform better in low-light conditions after the Pro Camera update we will compare it with Nokia 7 Plus camera in a separate article. In this article we are focusing on the demo and are also sharing few tips to get better imaging quality with Nokia 8 and Pro Camera app.

Nokia 8 Camera tips:

  • Use “Twin” instead of “Color” mode for better low-light images in photo mode
  • In Pro Camera mode you can play with shutter speed to freeze motion by setting it at high (1/500 and around)
  • Set shutter speed as low for gathering more light though you need to keep your hand steady
  • Using low ISO helps in keeping the noise level less but then you need to set the shutter speed high to compensate.

There are some issues/surprises too that we noticed while doing hands-on with the Pro Camera.

  • The Pro Camera UI doesn’t get launched if you are in landscape mode
  • The shutter speed is limited to 1/2 sec maximum
  • ISO is limited to 1600 maximum

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