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Nokia 2 Camera Review. Video & Full-Size image samples


In this article, we share our detailed review of Nokia 2 cameras and also share Full-size images and video capture samples. Nokia 2 comes with a 8MP camera on the back and an 5MP shooter at the front. If you want to check, here are the quick camera specs/features for both Nokia 2 Cameras.

  • Primary camera 8MP AF, LED flash
  • Front-facing camera 5MP FF

Nokia 2 rear camera has autofocus but the front camera is a fixed-focus one and you can blame that on the ultra-budget status of Nokia 2.

Nokia 2 Rear camera review and samples:

Nokia 2 rear camera captures acceptable amount of details and keeps colors natural without adding any additional saturation. The theme of keeping it natural is common across all the Nokia smartphones it seems.

Check one image sample followed by 100% crop of it below that confirms our observation about resolved details.

Image Sample:

100% Crop:


Here are some samples to highlight how Nokia 2 camera captures rich-colored subjects accurately


Next what also impressed us is the ability of Nokia 2 rear camera to capture really close Macro images though you can’t capture Bokeh images.


Nokia 2 rear camera also captures some surprisingly good-looking Panorama images. Check one sample below.

Low-light samples:

We are so far satisfied with the Nokia 2 camera performance, but let us quickly check the low-light samples.

Outdoors with flash:

Outdoors without flash:

Indoors Without flash:

Indoors with Flash:

If you have a scene with sufficient artificial illumination Nokia 2 can still capture acceptable images without flash. The flash is just sufficient to illuminate close objects.

You can see many more full-size Nokia 2 rear camera samples including above ones by clicking here.

Coming to video capture, you can again capture acceptable quality 720p video with Nokia 2 rear camera. While there is no OIS (which is usually the case on a low-end device) the camera algorithm smoothens some of the movements indicating some software stabilization in the background. Color accuracy and captured details remain satisfactory.

You can check video samples below.

Nokia 2 Front camera review & samples:

Nokia 2 front camera is a fixed-focus camera and for its price range it works fine. Though for selfie lovers Nokia 3, 5, 6 and 8 can be better options.

You can see full-size Nokia 2 front camera samples by clicking here.

Final Words:

Nokia 2 comes with good rear and front cameras for the smartphone range it belongs to. Rear camera is the one especially that will give you some pleasant moments with capturing natural colors with good enough details and without much artificial sharpening. Check the full-size samples above and more by following the link provided. While other Nokias do come with more capable cameras if you want to go for Nokia 2 the rear camera won’t disappoint as a quick point and shoot camera.

It surprisingly captures good macros and “Panorama” images just like its elder siblings. Even the low-light imaging is not bad and in fact you can capture some good low-light images with Nokia 2.

Video capture is however limited to 720p and uses algorithms to smoothen some movements in absence of OIS. It is again satisfactory for a budget device like Nokia 2.

Front camera however is a fixed-focus camera with its limitations and also adds some saturation in the images that you may like or dislike depending upon your preferences.

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