Nokia Mobile teasing a new smartphone launch in India

Nokia Mobile has been teasing a new smartphone launch in India in 2 days. On its social media profiles for India, Nokia Mobile has posted short video teasers for the upcoming smartphone. So, far it seems to be either Nokia G11 Plus or Nokia...

2022 Nokia Smartphones, phones & Tablet launch date hinted by Distributor listing

Nokia 2022 smartphones
Nokia is planning to launch its 2022 range of Nokia smartphones, Tablets and feature phones. This has been revealed by many leaks and rumors surrounding the upcoming Nokia devices. Now, a new Nokia phone listing may even hint at the possible launch date for...

Nokia TWS-XPR Wireless Earbuds may launch with other 2022 Nokia devices

Nokia TWS-XPR, the latest Nokia Wireless Earbuds may also be launched along with other Nokia smartphones, Tablets and feature phones. It has appeared in Bluetooth certification with Bluetooth 5.3 specification. Check the screenshot below that reveals that Nokia Mobile may be planning to launch Wireless...

Nokia T10 major Specs & Nokia 2660 Flip distributor listings appear before impending launch

Nokia T10, second Nokia Android Tablet may be planned for a sooner launch along with Nokia 2660 Flip phone. While the Tablet Nokia T10 passed FCC certification as TA-1462 revealing major specs, Nokia 2660 Flip (TA-1474) has appeared in Distributor listings in Australia. Coming to...

Nokia G11 Plus name confirmed in Bluetooth certification before launch

Nokia G11 Plus may be heading to market soon. The new smartphone from Nokia Mobile with a "Plus" moniker has been now confirmed via its Bluetooth certification. Many recent leaks/outings reveal that Nokia G11 Plus may have a 50MP camera and will have TA-1421,...

Nokia 8210 4G & Nokia 5710 XA appear in Distributors listings before their launch

New Nokia phones are also being readied for a future launch along with new Nokia X-series and G-series smartphones. Distributor listings reveal that Nokia 8210 4G and Nokia 5710 XA may be the two classics that can be re-launched as 2022 versions. Nokia 8210 4G: Nokia...

Nokia G400 5G variants TA-1448, TA-1476 & N1530DL appear in leaked user guide before launch

Nokia G400 5G is the first Nokia smartphone to feature a display with 120Hz refresh rate. Now, the user guide of Nokia G400 5G has appeared before its impending official launch. It reveals names of three variants: TA-1448, TA-1476 & N1530DL. We recently reported about TA-1448...

Nokia Style+ smartphone (TA-1448) appear in Wi-Fi certification

Nokia TA-1448 Style+
A new Nokia smartphone has appeared in the Wi-Fi certification. The product variant code for this new smartphone is TA-1448. But the most interesting part that the certification reveals is "Style+" product name. So, it seems that the new Nokia smartphone will have TA-1448 as...

Nokia Mobile to launch 2022 Nokia X & G series 5G smartphones powered by Snapdragon 480 Plus processor

We recently heard a rumor claiming that Nokia XR21 5G, Nokia X21 5G and Nokia X11 5G smartphones are coming in H2 2022. Now, our sources would like us to believe that Nokia Mobile is planning to launch many Nokia X and G series...

Rumor: Nokia XR21 5G, Nokia X21 5G & X11 5G coming in H2 2022

After the recent first leaks of Nokia G11 Plus, more upcoming Nokia smartphones are rumored in H2 2022. Nokia XR21 5G, Nokia X21 5G and Nokia X11 5G may be prepared for a launch in second half of the year, claims a rumor. The rumor...

Nokia G11 Plus (TA-1421/TA-1408/TA-1413/TA-1429) with 50MP camera breaks cover

Nokia G11 Plus may be the next smartphone from Nokia Mobile marking its re-entry to the "Plus" moniker smartphones. Many recent leaks/outings reveal that Nokia G11 Plus may have a 50MP camera and will have TA-1421, TA-1408, TA-1413 and TA-1429 as variants. TA-1413 variant has...

Nokia TA-1500 smartphone (N150DL) passes FCC certification revealing specs & design details

A new Nokia smartphone with variant code TA-1500 has passed FCC certification. The certification however reveals it to be the previously leaked N150DL smartphone. The certification also reveals that it will pack a massive 5000mAH battery. Check the featured image above that shows Antenna diagram...

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