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Updated: “Suning” confirms price of Cyan Lumia 920 to be ¥4599.00 like other models.



Suning has confirmed over its Twitter (Chinese equivalent) account that the quoted price for Cyan model was indeed wrong and the actual price is similar to other models at ¥4599.00.



We earlier informed that Cyan Lumia 920 which has been exclusive to AT&T till now is supposed to come on 17th February at Nokia’s official “Jingdong Mall” shop. But seems major retailer Suning has taken the lead here and it has already listed Cyan Lumia 920 on its website. The only catch here is the premium pricing quoted by Suning for Cyan Lumia 920. While all other colors are being sold for ¥ 4599, Cyan has been priced ¥5885.00, which is quite surprising !! It looks like wrongly quoted to me, but let us see what happens.

Anyways, really happy to see Cyan Lumia 920 coming to China, as chances for it making to other markets are much higher now !!

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