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Nokia Mobile releases November Security update to Nokia 9 PureView now

Nokia Mobile has now released the November security update 2021 to Nokia 9 PureView. Check below for the update size, list of markets and the update changelog for Nokia 9 PureView. For all software update news related to other Nokia smartphones click here. If you...

3 new Nokia smartphone variants appear in Russian certification

Nokia Mobile may be planning to launch new feature phones and smartphones soon. Three new Nokia phones/smartphones variants TA-1401, TA-1405 and TA-1433 have appeared in the Russian certification. As one can notice in the screenshots below, the certification only reveals the variant name. No more...

Nokia 9 Pureview vs Vivo X70 PRO+: Camera comparison

Introduction With Android 11 rolling out to Nokia 7.2, I am keeping my hopes that the Nokia 9 Pureview should be receiving it soon , though its entirely possible that we might not get to experience it anytime soon or at all. I am not...

Nokia Arena is born, as Tampere Deck Arena secures “Nokia” naming rights

The legendary "Nokia" name has been secured by Europe's leading sports, business and entertainment venue "Tampere Deck Arena". It will be now known as Nokia Arena and is scheduled to open in December 2021. The Nokia Arena aims to host over a million visitors. The...

Nokia N139DL, the KaiOS phone passes European certification before launch

Nokia Mobile may be planning to launch its next KaiOS smart featurephone soon. Nokia N139DL has passed GCF certification for being able to get listed in European markets. The screenshot below shows the listing for N139DL in the GCF database. The listing shows a date...

Deal Alert: Nokia XR20, Nokia G50 & Nokia 8.3 5G enjoy good official discounts

Nokia Mobile is offering some really good deals on Nokia XR20, Nokia G50 and Nokia 8.3 5G in the US market. You can now save $50 on Nokia XR20, $30 on Nokia G50 and $200 on Nokia 8.3 5G when you purchase them at...

Nokia Mobile releases new Android 11 build for Nokia 5.4 with October Security update

Nokia Mobile has now released a new Android 11 build and the October security update 2021 to Nokia 5.4. Check below for the update size, list of markets and the update changelog for Nokia 5.4. For all software update news related to other Nokia smartphones...

In Q3 2021, Nokia Mobile holds 5th top Rugged smartphone vendor rank

A new report, this time from analyst firm IDC, claims 5th vendor rank for Nokia Mobile in Rugged smartphones. The Q3 2021 report again belongs to the European market. As one can see in the featured image above, Nokia Mobile has 4% Rugged smartphones market...

Report: Nokia Mobile scored strong Revenue, ASP growth with highest margin ever in Q3 2021

Nokia Smartphones
A report from analyst firm Strategy Analytics reveals significant revenue and ASP boost for Nokia Mobile in Q3 2021. In fact the operating margin touched its highest ever for the company. Coming to details now, Nokia Mobile saw its "global handset wholesale revenue" going up...

Nokia 8.1 vs Vivo X70 PRO+: Detailed Camera comparison

Introduction In this second part of my review with one of the best android device in the market currently, the Vivo X70 Pro+, I will be comparing it to my all-time favorite , the Nokia 8.1. The Nokia 8.1 to me ,is the best midrange...

Nokia Mobile updates (November 11) its Security & OS update tracker with latest details

The official Nokia Mobile Security + OS update tracker page for Nokia smartphones has been updated recently on November 11, 2021. The page update brings details about the availability of the maintenance update or Security or firmware (MR) update for Nokia smartphones. As per the...

Nokia Mobile updating Nokia 6.2 to Android 11 now. List of Wave 1 markets

Nokia Mobile is now rolling-out Android 11 update to Nokia 6.2. The list of wave 1 markets where Android 11 will be available for Nokia 6.2 first is now available. Hello Nokia 6.2 users, Great news for you, the rollout for Android 11 starts now! To provide...

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