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Windows 10 Mobile Build 14367 Hands-on: unreported changes, Impressions, Bugs & installation experience


Microsoft followed the Build 14364 soon with Windows 10 Mobile Redstone Build 14367 for Insiders in the Fast Ring. You can read the official changelog and known issues by clicking here and here. We also explored and could find some unreported change that you can read here. Time for our evaluation and hands-on demo of the unreported changes of the build 14367. We have also shared our Impressions of the build including performance, multitasking, gaming, navigation demo, bugs & Installation experience of the Build 14367.

Build 14367 Installation Experience:

The Installation experience has been smooth in case of the Build 14367 on all our devices. It took around 40-45 minutes for the build to get downloaded, installed, data migrated and the devices getting up and running. While we didn’t face any issue during the update, you may face it and best is to wait and let it do its thing and finish data migration. In case it takes too much time try a soft reset and it may work finally. You can refer to our common issues and errors fixing guide for more.

You will be usually notified for a restart when the download has completed in background. It may require up to 1 GB of free storage. So, check the storage before you upgrade and you can check our tutorial on how to prepare for upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile.

Build 14367 Hands-on Impressions (Performance, Multitasking, Gaming, Battery Life & more):

Here is what we could notice while evaluating the build

  • The Build 14367 packs many fixes and improvements. It feels to be fast and responsive during normal daily smartphone tasks like start-screen navigation, apps list scrolling, opening and closing of settings, handling calls, texts, Mails and more.
  • Native apps like Microsoft Edge, Maps, Camera, Outlook Mail & Calendar etc work fine. Sharing works flawlessly. Only app that ran into issue couple of times is the Store. Though a soft reset fixed it, issue returned needing a soft reset again.
  • Microsoft Edge has kept improving with every build. It loads pages faster and zooming, panning etc work appreciably well.
  • Mobile Data works fine and without any issues. Though we have received complaints from some users regarding data connection issues on Double-SIM devices. Wi-Fi though works fine most of the times, sometimes after disconnection it won’t connect to network automatically and you may need to open the WiFi settings page.
  • Video streaming and playing also works fine without any issue like flickering faced on very early builds and we have demoed it too.
  • Gaming also works fine and we have demoed it as well though game resume from background remains laggy
  • Multitasking for apps works impressively and apps resume really fast from background. Apps don’t crash in background while multitasking, but games still take time in resuming from background.
  • Battery Life seems much improved so far during our hands-on usage of the Build and we will report if we come to other conclusion after using it for more days.

Major Bug & Issues:

  • Microsoft needs to improve resuming of games from background. May be both developers and Microsoft need to work together about fixing it
  • Bluetooth functionality needs a UI and connectivity overhaul.
  • Mobile Data and WiFi connectivity may need minor fixes for those facing issues.

So, Build 14367 now feels like one of the best Redstone builds released yet in terms of performance, multitasking and overall polish. It seems very close to earning a daily driver status for itself. We also want to make it clear that it is our hands-on experience with the build and your experience may vary and may be better or worse than ours.

We must mention that we haven’t done hard reset on our devices but we recommend if you are facing lots of issues. You can read our guide to fix commonly known Windows 10 Mobile upgrade, installation and usability issues.

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