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Space Shooter 2150 A. D. goes free for limited time at Windows Phone store


2150Space Shooter 2150 A. D. has gone free for limited time as the “App of The Day” on myAppFree. It is an addictive space shooter game with very good graphics  and lots of fun on offer.


A serious space shooter!
– 20+ levels (constantly added)
– 10+ different types of enemy ships. Each enemy ship features unique weapon system, visual design and AI behavior
– 10 different weapons system to choose from (missile, bomb, electromagnetic bomb…)
– Multiple types of missions. Missions have vastly different winning conditions and AI environment
– Customize your vessel with 7 different upgradable vessel modules

ver1.1 (equivalent to 2150 A.D. ver1.7)
– Power-ups added

The “Empire” has launched a full scale invasion into our colonial state “Westgate” – our last defense before the home land. Our industrial and research bases are in ruins. A prototype vessel from our research lab escaped from the battlefield. It is our next generation war machine packed with the latest technological advancement in architecture and weapon systems, and YOU are the captain of the vessel…

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