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How to reset Adaptive Brightness on your Nokia Smartphone


With the recent update to “Device Health Services” app from Google, Nokia and other Android smartphone users running Android Pie can reset Adaptive brightness to factory settings. This feature comes with the version 1.6 of Device Health services that is available now via Google Play Store as an update.

Adaptive brightness is a cool feature of Android Pie that not only adjusts screen brightness as per the surrounding light conditions but also learns your manual brightness adjustments and tunes its settings as per the choices you make.

So, in case you ever wanted to reset the Adaptive brightness and return it to factory settings for some reason you can do it now by following below steps.

  • Go to Settings–>Apps & Notifications–>Device Health Services
  • Now tap on storage option and on “clear storage” next
  • This will reveal settings for resetting adaptive brightness as can be seen in the screenshots above
  • Tap on the “reset adaptive brightness” and you are done
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