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Pro Camera UI comes to Nokia smartphones without Zeiss branding via APK with renamed package


While HMD has brought updated Camera app to all its Android smartphones with Android Oreo update, the ones with Zeiss branding get the one with “Pro Camera UI”. The UI is similar to the original Nokia Camera/Lumia Camera UI that allows better control on things like Shutter Speed, ISO and others.

Now, in case you wanted to have the Pro Camera UI on your Nokia Android smartphone without Zeiss branding there is good news in store for you. Nokia enthusiast and modder @Hikari_Calyx  has been able to port the APK with Pro Camera UI to other Nokia Android Smartphones.

We tried to understand from him as to what changes has been made to APK for making it compatible with Nokia smartphones without Zeiss branding and seems he has just changed the internal name of the APK. This helps in stopping the conflict with the default camera app as both will have same names otherwise. Now, after installing the renamed APK, when you launch this new Camera app you get the Pro Camera UI.

As per the XDA post, the app works on all Nokia smartphones without Zeiss branding but with varied success.

– Nokia 1
– Nokia 2 (TESTED, ISO, Focus and Shutter timer not working)
– Nokia 2.1
– Nokia 3 (TESTED, ISO and Shutter timer not working)
– Nokia 3.1
– Nokia 5 (TESTED, all working)
– Nokia 6 (TESTED, all working)

Also keep in mid that apart from the Pro Camera UI, there is not much difference between imaging algorithms of the normal Oreo Camera app and Pro Camera app on Nokia smartphones, as confirmed by our Nokia 6.1 and Nokia 6 imaging comparison. For those still interested, provided below is the APK download link.

APK download link

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