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New features coming to WhatsApp for Android, reveals latest beta versions


WhatsApp is always evolving platform and is one of the most widely used social messaging platforms across the globe. The app is already available on multiple platforms like Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Now those with beta build can experience the new features that we will discuss here. The app versions 2.17.424, 2.17.436 and 2.17.437 are the latest beta builds with new features.

Changes discovered:

Tap to unblock user:  The latest beta builds give you an option where can just tap and hold any contact to unblock him/her and send a message.

New invite via link shortcut:

The invite via link feature is already available on iOS platform. Now the same is being brought to Android OS also.

Shake to report:

Shake to report is another interesting feature we  have always wanted to have.  So this update brings some goodness in that direction as the above mentioned feature is available in 2.17.437. This feature gives you an opportunity to report about the problems you’re facing with the current version. To activate this feature, all you need to do is shake your smartphone and this will open the Contact us section is WhatsApp. It is also said that the shake to report feature should work only in the beta versions of the app.

Admin settings: With the app version 2.17.437 WhatsApp is also getting a nee feature called ‘Admin Settings’. Thr ‘Admin settings’ gives admin some controls sending message and editing group info.

The developers in team WhatsApp are always working on new features for this app. We will see much more improved and feature full WhatsApp app in near future.

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