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Meet Withings Thermo, highly innovative Thermometer with Boston Children’s Hospital Thermia app support


Nokia has been always known for bringing highly innovative consumer products to market. Withings Thermo, the new Digital Health offering under its brand Withings can be said to be a proud addition to Nokia’s line of innovative products. Withings Thermo is the best-in-class offering that takes Thermometer’s experience to next level. It doesn’t even need skin contact for the most accurate temperature reading. It is the first WiFi connected Thermometer and boasts of a Battery life up to 2 years.

Thermo app helps in syncing measuremenst and providing advanced health advice and can be downloaded from Apple and Google Play Store. On top of that it has support for Boston Children’s Hospital Thermia app.

Measurements sync automatically with your smartphone. Based on age, fever history, and symptoms, the Thermo app gives advanced health advice. And Boston Children’s Hospital provides Thermia, educational information on proper medications and dosages.

You can read how to use Thermo by clicking here or watch the demo videos below.

Withings Thermo Price & Buy link:

It is priced at $99.95 and now available to purchase from Apple’s online store.

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Withings Thermo hands-on demo videos:



Withings Thermo Features:

Withings Thermo greatly advances the usefulness of thermometers by letting you measure temperature in two seconds and monitor your family’s health directly from your Phone. This easy-to-use temporal thermometer employs 16 infrared sensors that take over 4,000 measurements to deliver the most accurate result. It synchronizes with your Phone to give you advanced health advice and help you better manage fever episodes.

High precision

The HotSpot Sensor Technology allows Thermo to deliver high-precision readings while keeping the measurement gesture accessible to everyone. 16 infrared sensors take more than 4,000 measurements to find the hottest point and deliver the most accurate result.

Quick and easy

A simple gesture takes the body’s temperature in just two seconds. The touchscreen lets you assign readings to up to eight users. And since normal body temperature can vary by age, once assigned, Thermo’s LED indicator tells you if a reading is normal, elevated, or high.


There’s no need to touch the skin. Thermo avoids any contact with saliva, earwax, or other body fluids—making it the most sanitary way to take body temperature.

Smart fever management

Measurements sync automatically with your Phone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The Thermo app gives an advanced interpretation based on age, fever history, and symptoms. Plus, you have the ability to take notes, add photos, and set reminders.

Medically approved

Thermo is FDA-cleared. The app includes Thermia, educational health information provided by Boston Children’s Hospital.


HotSpot Sensor Technology: 16 sensors and 4,000 measurements

Takes just one scan and two seconds

Hygienic temporal infrared measurement

Instant health advice in the app with Thermia, a service developed by Boston Children’s Hospital

First Wi-Fi connected thermometer

Automatically syncs with Phone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

Expected battery life of up to two years

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