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Lumia 540 detailed camera review. Stills (Full-Size) & Video samples.



In daylight capturing conditions, Lumia 540 camera impresses. It keeps colors natural and captures good amount of details. Though as you can see in above comparison with Lumia 1020, it does have its own limitations because of tiny sensor but unless you are an imaging enthusiast, it should work fine for you. It also does pretty well in capturing macros with good amount of details and true colors.

In low-light capturing conditions, due to its F/2.2 aperture and Lumia camera’s algorithms, Lumia 540 does well, even in almost dark conditions without flash. More the light merrier the result though!! While it is no match to OIS equipped Lumia 1020, it does capture more light than any competitor camera in its price range. The LED flash works well for nearby objects and we have included many samples for you.

In a nutshell, when it comes to stills capture, Lumia 540 can be trusted as a daily camera, though for enthusiasts, “PureView” is the way!!

Check the next page for Daylight & Low-Light video comparison!!

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