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Lumia 530 vs Nokia X2: Which one is for you? A comparison review.


Nokia X2 vs Lumia 530Lumia 530 and Nokia X2 can’t be much different. One runs Windows Phone and is the entry-level device that takes the Lumia range to lowest launch price ever. Other runs Android and is the first and the last second-generation device of its range. So, why compare them?

Because price wise they are not much separated and Nokia X2 is priced just $20-$25 more than Lumia 530 in India. So, this comparison will come to minds of many prospective buyers looking for a quality device with “Nokia” branding.

Lumia 530 over Nokia X2:

Continuous update support, Quad-core processor, Windows Phone fluidity

Nokia X2 over Lumia 530:

Beautiful Flagship like design, 5 MP Autofocus camera with Flash, Better & bigger Display, Some Android games and apps still not available on Windows Phone

Watch our video comparison review of Lumia 530 and Nokia X2. You can catch our full video coverage of Nokia X2 and Lumia 530 by clicking here and here.

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