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Hands-on with Google Lens for Android


Earlier today we reported about Google started rolling out the Google Lens in the official Google Photos app.

The Google Lens is currently available as Google Lens Preview which will, of course, be available to public and it grows and learns over the time. We got to try the Google Lens from the Photos app in our test device.


Google Lens is a feature from Google that lets you identify object easily by a picture of it. It uses machine learning to do that and makes our lives easier. When you click a picture and see it in the Google Photos app, the Google Lens Preview is present there to help you with more information about what’s there in that picture.

The official blog post says, ” With Google Lens, your phone’s camera can help you understand the world around you, and we’re expanding the availability of the Google Lens preview

Here is our first hands-on experience with the Google Lens Preview for Android. With just a couple of hours of usage, I’m happy to see what Google has achieved so far.

In the above image you can see the welcome page of Google Lens Preview which asks you to do more with your photos. It will help you copy texts like phone numbers, dates, addresses and any other text in a particular image. With the Google Lens , you get more information about a landmark or an address.

In the above image which has a car with it’s model number on it. The Google Lens Preview is clearly able to read that and has helped me with the model number in text format. It also gives you an option to search for this text or the image on the web.

In this image which is of The India Expo Mart Limited, the Google Lens Preview present in Google Photos easily identifies the building and gives me the address as well as Google Map location. Other features like copy text, search on the web for image or text are also present like the previous one.

Speaking of the above image also, the Google Lens Preview is able to identify that it is a birthday cake. At this moment, the Google Lens Preview also give me suggestions about other cake options which I think will get better by the period of time.

So it is good to know that machine learning is moving in the right direction and I hope it will be very helpful to human. Features like Google Assistant and Google Lens are the next generation of innovations in the present century.

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