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Video : How to recover/update Windows Phone software ? (Guest Post)


If you facing any problem with your Windows Phone – Windows Phone and Lumia Software Recovery Tool can help you to reset and recover and Update your phone software at home .

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Windows Phone Recovery Tool  : (for Lumia phones and HTC One running Windows Phone 8 or newer)

Lumia Software Recovery Tool : (for older Lumia and other Nokia phones)

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 Steps :

Connect your phone to pc via USB  and then pc will recognize your Windows Phone

Now , you can reset , recover or update as per your need

if it shows newer version is available : you can update

if it shows re-install : you can re-install software ( if facing any problem )

You can also view and save  RM- files to other drive for future use to recover / update.

make sure , you have checked ( show hidden files )

Now , go to

C: drive , program data < Microsoft < packages < products  : Rm file


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