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[Video] Ten Top Android Pie tips & tricks for Android smartphones


So, in this video tutorial, we have demoed Ten top Android Pie tips & tricks especially for Nokia Android smartphones, but many of these are useful for other Android smartphone users too. So far, most of the Nokia smartphones including Nokia 3, Nokia 6.1, Nokia 6.1 Plus, Nokia 7 Plus and Nokia 7.1 and others have received Android Pie update. You can check our Android Pie coverage here.

Here is the list of Android Pie tips & tricks that we have demoed in the video,

  1. How to show the battery percentage in the status bar
  2. How to stop new app icon from appearing on Home Screen
  3. How to get old navigation buttons/Android Pie navigation
  4. How to change at a glance options
  5. How to disable Google Feed
  6. How to change apps suggestions and actions
  7. How to change icon shape
  8. How to enable swipe fingerprint sensor for notifications
  9. How to enable lift to check phone
  10. How to jump to the camera

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