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Update 5 for Jolla’s SailFish OS Now Available – Brings New Features and Bug Fixes


Jolla’s train is not stopping and I hope it never stops either. Anyways, there’s a new update  (dubbed Paarlampi) for the Sailfish OS being pushed towards the Jolla users which brings another set of bug fixes, general stability and improvements to android runtime besides some other new features.

Jolla Update

Sailfish OS has now reached Version and the notable new features include

  • Two-Way contacts sync.
  • Setting a default email account for sending mails.
  • MMS facilty finally enabled (stable, but still experimental)
  • Support for Access Point settings which can be sent by the operators.
  • EXIF data is stored in photos captured by jolla Camera.
  • Option to save GPS Coordinates while taking a picture.
  • Swipe to close gesture
  • visual interaction hints
  • Keyboard Sounds

Option to receive operator settings OTA is one thing which has long lost from the modern smartphones and I really hope other platforms learn from Jolla’s re-intro of the same. Sometimes setting up access points can be a pain if your operator does not have proper documentation available.

Coming out of the list of new features, there are plenty of bug fixes included in the new update. One of them is the fix for the Heartbleed bug found in the OpenSSL which has been under stroing media coverage during the past week.

Catch the full changelog at the Jolla’s forum here.

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