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Two New Games From Disney Spotted In Windows Store


Today MicrosoftInsiders.es have been found two new upcoming Disney games in Windows store. The both games are universal and available for all Windows 10 phone’s and PC’s.
The first game is Finding Dory – just Keep Swimming BETA. It’s the upcoming sequel of Finding Nemo. Finding Dory – just Keep Swimming movie is going to release in month of June/July. This time Dory is on adventure and crosses the coral reef. The game link is below.

[appbox windowsstore 9nblggh4vfm3]

The another game is Disney Find ‘n Seek which is puzzle game. The elusive Stickers-Tricker have escaped and are running around the Disney Enchanted Library.Only you can help us find them all and keep safe the precious books! Find hundreds of hidden objects scattered all your favorite Disney stories. Look for hard to find items with Pencil-topper enhancers.

Game features
• Search for hidden objects in your favorite scenes from Donald, Frozen and Tangled.
• Run against time! If you’re smart and fast, you’ll earn bonus points for combo.
• Locate rare stickers to earn extra points.
• Do not forget to use the pencil-topper Enhancers
• Unlock new scenarios
• The voice that narrates the game belongs to Ernie Hudson , star of the movie Ghostbusters

The both game are not available for download yet. Does our readers are excited to taste this games, let us know in comment section below.

[appbox windowsstore 9nblggh4vbhz]

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