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TA-1047 may be a Qwerty Nokia smartphone, bet speculations


Yesterday we reported about Nokia TA-1047 passing certification at FCC. The size specs of TA-1047 hints at a compact smartphone that is smaller than any other existing Nokia Android smartphone. But will it be another Android smartphone??

While we assumed it to be a bezel-less 2018 version of yet another Nokia smartphone, there are other leaks/speculations making rounds. This is rather an educated guess by a well-known source that has been behind many Nokia leaks. It bets on TA-1047 to be a Qwerty smartphone running a customised OS.

As per this speculation, TA-1047 may come with 3.3-inch, 480×480 resolution display. It may be powered by Qualcomm 205 processor and may come running Kai OS, which may be the name for the customised OS.

HMD recently tweaked its S30+ OS for the 3G Nokia 3310. So, maybe we can see something more powerful from HMD in terms of a home-grown OS.

TA-1047 as per the FCC leak is a Dual-SIM smartphone and as per the FCC certification may have dimensions of 133×68 mm. The diagonal measurement has it at 140mm or around 5.5-inch.

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