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Sustained sales performance of Lumia 520/521 across major US retailers raises lots of hope for volume growth in Q3.


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It is no hidden fact that in spite of lots of effort on Nokia’s part, Lumia has not seen kind of volume growth in US market it is enjoying in other markets. Part of the problem was/is exclusive deals with carriers and less no. of Lumia smartphone buying options across the price spectrum. Nokia has taken a positive step in form of Lumia 521/520 availability across two major carriers AT&T and T-mobile and providing it on both prepaid and on-contract options may provide the kind of sales boost Nokia requires to conquer US market.

Recently, HSN sold nearly 24000 Lumia 521 in 24 hours and Nokia has really done great work in keeping the device always in stock from starting of Q3. Till Q2, it was difficult to find Lumia 521 at Walmart and other retailers. But we have been covering the availability and sales performance of both Lumia 521 since long and it is amazing to see it constantly in stock and ruling the sales chart across major retailers and even at  carriers.



Lumia 521 is top-selling prepaid smartphone and is followed by Lumia 520, which is great and they both have been ruling this sales chart consistently even when Amazon refreshes the best seller charts hourly.

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HSN: HSN may have sold more Lumia 521 than any other retailer in US. Lumia 521 has been consistently top performing phone there and still is the 2nd top seller phone at HSN. As we say, it speaks volumes about volume sold!!

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At carrier T-Mobile itself Lumia 521 is labelled as “Top seller” and in a fair game where upfront down-payment for most of the devices is zero, it is really impressive to be the top seller device.

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In case you want to check the consistency with which Lumia 521 / 520 has been topping sales charts across these retailers, check our coverage below,



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