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Report: 1.208 million Nokia phones including 438,000 smartphones sold online in China last year


We have been reporting global sales figures of Nokia Phones estimated by many reputed analyst firms. Now, here is a report from China that reveals number of Nokia Phones and smartphones sold online in China in the year 2017.

As per the report posted by a well-known local market research agency, 1.208 million Nokia phones were sold online in China in 2017.  Out of these 1.288 million phones, smartphones accounted for 438,000 units. Nokia 6 sold 403,000 units online while only 35,000 Nokia 7 units were sold.

For your information, HMD has only launched two smartphones Nokia 6 and Nokia 7 in China and Nokia 7 was released in the end of October 2017. One also needs to keep in mind that these are only online sales numbers and doesn’t include the retail store sales numbers.

HMD has very recently launched Nokia 6 2018 and it sold 10,000 units in 12 minutes at retailer Suning, one of the three retailers it was available at.

As per an earlier report from IDC around 1.5 million Nokia Smartphones were shipped in H1 2017 worldwide. Another report from Counterpoint Research claimed that 2.8 million Nokia Android Smartphones and 13.5 million Nokia Feature phones were shipped by HMD in Q3 2017.

Nokia Phones are driving growth everywhere has been confirmed by a recent report from Taiwan that reveals that strong demand for Nokia Phones made Foxconn, the top ODM manufacturer in Q3 2017. The report also claimed that Nokia Phone’s demand has remained strong in Q4 2017.

Industry watchers like Strategy Analytics are also showing confidence in HMD’s strategy by betting Nokia Phones to one of the drivers of smartphone shipment growth in 2018.

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